Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Euro Travel in Birmingham, England

I was scanning my picture folders of what city am I going to share tonight. The first one I saw was Birmingham. The picture above was taken in Victoria Square in front of Birmingham City Council House. The fire department staff had a training in front of this building during our visit last 2008. That was quite a very nice visit to this city after a friend named Loloy, showed it to me. Thanks a lot Loy. I truly enjoyed it. Before I sign-off, I also need to take a look of a certain scanning software. I found one in a catalogue this morning. I also want to find out if it is cheaper online. I need one to scan all the old pictures of I brought during my vacation back home. Goodnight folks and see you tomorrow. Have a great week ahead!


Sunshine and Baba said...

Lovely post as the pictures you post too...


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