Sunday, April 11, 2010

European Airport Transfers

Weekend is almost over again. I have quite a great one after doing some stuffs in the house this weekend. I also mentioned in one of my posts last month that a friend from the United States will be visiting us this coming summer. She want to travel to different European cities and she is quite excited about it. I guess I am traveling with her too. Since we will be visiting some European cities, we are also slowly searching for cheap plane tickets, hotels and bus transfers. We had been searching the internet for cheap European Airport Transfers who can possibly bring us from the airport to our hotel and vice versa. We are trying to optimize our expenses because there will be a lot of adventures that will happen this coming summer.

Don't you know that you can already book your airport transfers in advance? I thought you can only book plane tickets and hotel in advance but now there are already travel agencies or companies where you can book in advance shuttle services. I guess doing so will give you less stress and hassles especially if it is your first time to travel in a certain place or city. I would like to inform my friend about this and also about Shuttle Direct who provides transportation and shuttle services. I am quite excited with the coming Europe adventure this summer. of course, I will share our travel experiences after the trip. I am hoping that we can also find cheap hotels and flights during those travel times. I am off to bed now. Goodnight!



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