Monday, April 26, 2010

Found A Trip to Moscow

Good evening folks! I found a cruise trip last time from Germany to St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. That was quite a good deal but me and my friend will go to another European cities for sightseeing this coming summer season. I am also asking if European Union citizens don't need to apply a visa for Russia if ever we will be traveling there next time. Thanks to Visalink-Russia for providing the information about Russian visa. If you are a foreign national visiting this country for tourist travel and business trips, don't forget that you need a visa to Russia. You can try to visit Visalink because they offer help and support for a Russian visa online. With the help of your internet and computer, you can apply for a Russian visa online without the hassle of traveling to any travel agency or Russian embassy for a visa application. Visalink is there to assist you for your Russian visa needs. I wish to visit Russia in the near future. I know they also have a lot of interesting sights to see.


Wolynski said...

Russia is a really interesting place to visit - didn't realize cruises went to Moscow.

Ann said...

do you watch Amazing Race? They went to Moscow and it was so cold.

Euroangel said...

Ann***nope I'm not watching it and haven't gone yet to Russia..hopefully in the years to come..

Wolynski**that trip was a combination of cruise and bus trip anyway...

thanks for visiting guys! appreciate it!


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