Friday, April 23, 2010

I wish to Visit Romania

There are still a lot of Europe countries that I wish to visit. Time to time when finances are available, I know I can visit these countries in Europe in the future. One of the countries that is on my list is Romania. It is a country located in Southeastern and Central Europe, North of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea. While searching over it on the net, I was redirected to a gay Romania site. Talking about gay and homosexual, I saw a TV program about these kind of people and how they live in this world. I don't judge these people for who they are. It is their lives and they have the freedom to express themselves. I even have some cousins who are also gays and I accept them for who they are. In fact I admire these people who are courageous enough to face the challenges of living this kind of life. I guess most of you heard about Robby Rosa who now publicly announced that he is also a gay. It is only a sort of acceptance for who you are. Actually the name of the blog I visited is DarkQ, a gay and lesbian community in Romania. I do welcome to meet them once I visit Romania in the future..wink! Feel free to visit their blog to see various scenes of this kind of living  in Romania.

I am also happy to announce that a Europe adventure with a friend will be coming soon this summer season. This will be another fun travel full of excitement and adventure.


Photo Cache said...

the beauty of living in europe is other european countries are within easy reach. not like when you live in usa; other than canada and mexico - every place else has to be reached by plane :D


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