Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kaiserburg, the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

Let's go travel again! I am bringing you this time to the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg which is called Kaisersburg. I am quite confused now and found out in wikipedia that Imperial castle is only a part of the whole Nuremberg Castle which has three parts. I wish to clarify about this tomorrow. For now, simply enjoy watching the castle because I am slowly signing-off now. It is getting late again. I don't have time to browse for wrinkle cream reviews now which I suppose to do tonight. I just forgot it. Here are the photos HB took during our trip to the castle last weekend. More updates about this castle tomorrow.

Never forget to visit this famous landmark of Nuremberg once you visit this city.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Blog

Jag said...

Sana mapadpad din ako jan...heheh..


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