Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Regensburg, Bavaria in Germany

Let's go a bit sightseeing today. I know there are a lot of problems that came out after a Vulcan in Iceland exploded. Thousands of flights in Europe were cancelled because of this natural catastrophe. Today some flights in Germany and other countries in Europe are already resuming again.

Back to my main topic about sightseeing in Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. We went again to this city around two weeks ago. One of the sights we pass-by is the Goliath house. We also took a walk at the famous and historical Stone Bridge. I wish I can go walking and sightseeing in different cities in Europe so that I don't need to take a look at Clinicallix reviews. When I have time, I might also visit this site to read some reviews. I am taking a short break now. Feel free to browse my Europe travel pictures by clicking the categories in my side bar.



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