Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shopping at Hiendl in Regensburg, Germany

Weekend is here again. It seems that we are having a busy weekend. That is also the reason why I am online again. We had to drive to Neumarkt today to take care of some things especially bringing HB's laptop for repair. Yesterday we also drove to Neumarkt and proceeded to Regensburg to make some furniture shopping. I want to buy an office furniture but it seems that I can't find a place for it inside the house. I ended up buying a shrank with a lot of drawers where I can organize my small stuffs. Below is Hiendl, a huge furniture shop in Regensburg, Germany. They sell a lot of products for all your house needs from garden to kitchen, living room, baby's stuffs, office furniture, bathroom furniture and a lot more. Sad to say, HB is still not done in installing the shrank because some volts are missing. He already called the customer service in this store and they said they will send it as soon as possible. I hope so because the other room is in chaos right now with a lot of stuffs scattering around.

Hiendl in Regenburg, Germany where we sometimes go shopping for funiture


Hilda said...

I love all-under-one-roof home centers like this! They only started appearing in Manila about ten years ago. So convenient. I was always afraid to go to those dark, dingy, tiny hardware stores where you have to pay cash.

Good luck with the re-organizing of your small stuff. Hassle, but such a blessing when it's done.


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