Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Castle Ruins in Kallmünz, Bavaria

I guess this is the continuation of my precious post. I decided to share more pictures from Kallmünz. You can see Schlossberg towers in my first picture here. It is said that it is about 110 meters over the municipality of Kallmuenz. These pictures were taken by my new Nokia cellphone with camera using micro sd card. This is the first time that I use my cf camera here. I guess the pictures are not so bad. The second picture was taken as we were on our way to the castle. We always stopped in between the trail to take pictures of the surroundings. Here you can see the tower of the St. Michael Church which I believed to be the tallest building in this place. You can also see the red building which is the Municipal Hall and the Naab River from afar can also be seen. More pictures to come next time. pictures taken during our visit last May 9, 2010.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Your little camera phone does a great job.

Ruthi said...

I always love ruins. There is a certain character to it. It speaks of history and story of people, culture, and tradition. Nice job taking the photos, you phone cam is good.

Andrea said...

I love that 2nd photo much clearer, is it also via celfone? BTW, have you been to Strasbourg, if not yet, is strongly suggest it!


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