Friday, May 28, 2010

Europe Adventure is Coming Soon!

Did you just read the title of this post? Yes, it is true again! Europe adventure is coming soon! A friend of mine from the United States will be coming to visit me in Europe and we will have some tours here. To be honest guys until now, we are still searching for the cheapest flights online to different cities in Europe. We are planning to visit some cities here this coming summer season. We are also trying to find a cheap flight to London. When we can find a cheap one, I might visit London again for the third time with my friend. I already made a tentative itinerary for our three weeks adventure but it is still not final.

We are also trying to find a good Paris travel guide. Thanks to Travel Grove for the very informative guide to Paris. In fact, we are still looking for a hotel in this city. I had been to Paris last year but it was a bus trip and we had a tour guide that time which made us very easy to go around for sightseeing. This time, only me and my friend will be having an adventure there. I find it quite difficult because I know how crowded Paris can be sometimes. With the help of Travel Grove's guide to Paris, I believed it is quite easy to go around Paris. I was also browsing for cheap flights from Nuremberg, Germany to Paris, France and I found cheap flights from this site compared to some other sites I visited before. I also found the site very easy to navigate. Last week, as I was browsing a German site, I got mad because the navigation of the site is very poor. In fact when you enter a certain flight inquiry, they will not redirect you for a concrete flight but you will be coming back to the same window for searching. I want to tell my friend to also take a look at site.

I am also sharing a picture of me in this post. This was taken in Arch of Triumph in Paris, France. I love Paris and can't wait to go back there again. Lastly if you are trying to find cheap flights, travel guides and anything you need to spend a great vacation, I would also recommend Travel Grove to you. Have a safe and happy trip!



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