Sunday, June 27, 2010

Looking for a Place to Stay During Your Vacation

Me and my friend have been looking for a place to stay during our incoming Europe adventure this coming summer. We have been searching for cheap flights, hotels and bus trips because we will be visiting a lot of European cities this time. I wish I can stay in one of the luxury phuket hotels in my next vacation but we will be touring Europe again this summer. Don't you know that looking for a place to stay when spending your vacation can sometimes be very difficult especially if you are considering your finances. But sometimes you can also treat yourselves especially if you are working too hard and wish to have a quite luxurious holiday.

This is a special post this time because I am featuring a luxury hotel in Phuket, Thailand. This is one of the places that I wish to visit in this country. That is also the reason why I just browsed Avista, a resort and spa in Kata, Phuket. As I entered a date sometime in October 2010 , I found out that the rates are quite reasonable. Imagine for only 3,500 THB which is around 87.00 Euros per night anytime in October of this year. That is quite cheap! I was even browsing a bed and breakfast room in Rome and I found some that cost from 70.00 to 100.00 Euros per night and the rooms are very small and without a lot of facilities.

With the luxury rooms that they have in Avista, for sure it is a cozy place to stay. The rooms are also huge and very relaxing because each has its own private balcony. Restaurants, pool bar, spa, gym, swimming pool and more are only some of their facilities. I guess this is quite a nice place to stay for a luxurious vacation. I wish to visit it one day. Don't forget to browse the places of interest which they are also providing if you want to have some sightseeing in Phuket. The picture here is my favorite room in Avista.



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