Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The O2 in London, England

I have here again another interesting architecture from London, England. This is the O2 which is a large entertainment district on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London, England. It is formerly called as the Millennium Dome. I took this image as I was in Canary Wharf in London. It is just across to this place. I was using a not so good camera that time. I wish to go back there again in the future. This time I might have with me a better lens camera and vga cable with audio. I never expect that I was able to view this interesting place in London. Thanks to my friends Rey and Joy for touring me here. Don't you know that an O2 Arena which is a multipurpose indoor arena is also located in this place and can host around 23,000 people? Imagine how huge it is! No wonder a lot of big events are held here. Just enjoy watching the image here.



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