Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cruising at Danube River by Kelheim, Germany

It is always nice to remember things in the past especially when you experience seeing other places. I also remember the cruise that we had in Danube River by Kelheim in Bavaria, Germany last September 2009. It is one of the Europe Cruises that I had since I live in Europe.

There are just a lot of beautiful and interesting places and cities to see in Europe especially in Germany. I wish to experience a Rhine River Cruise this year when we will visit some friends in Rhineland Pfalz. I hope in September or October when hubby can have some days off. I also found last time a cheap and affordable Russian river cruise but sad to say, I am not going to Russia next month but in other Europe cities like Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg and some cities in Germany.

I also share an image here taken during our cruise in Danube river. If you are planning to go cruising in Europe, your mouse and computer can help you browse online. I know for sure you can find a lot of cheap and affordable cruise anywhere in Europe. I found some at Have a safe trip!


Ian said...

never experience being on a cruise...

have a nice day!


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