Friday, July 2, 2010

Shopping in Prague

I am sharing first about a quick update from the football played between Ghana and Uruguay. It was a very closed fight between the two teams. There were even two 15 minutes extensions but still the scores from both team are remained 1-1. Finally 5 free kicks were given to both team. Uruguay finally won with four kicks compared to Ghana who had only two. What a very interesting play between these two teams. I forgot to search about weight loss reviews because I watched the game. lol!

Back to my main topic about shopping in Prague. Yes, I did some shopping. I bought some travel memorabilia during our trip last 2008. Postcards, shot glasses, travel guide in Prague are only some of the stuffs I bought. I think, I am going back in Prague again next month. I will see!


pilgrimchick said...

I've never been to Prague, but I've heard wonderful things. Sounds like you had fun.


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