Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Europe Summer Adventure 2010

Time really passes-by so quick now. I am also getting one year older again. Thanks to all my family, friends, former classmates and schoolmates, neighbors, online friends and acquaintances for all the greetings and wishes you extended and expressed to me. I am deeply touched and was so happy with all of your sweet thoughts. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. I wish to buy two U2 tickets for me and hubby to watch this concert but I guess it is not possible now. Hopefully next year. For my Europe summer adventure with a friend from the United States this year, here is our tentative itinerary;

August 8-arrival of Nonna from the US
August 9- Munich, Germany
August 10-Nuremberg, Germany
August 11-14 - Rome, Italy
August 14-16 - Paris, France
August 16-20- Belgium (with bus trips to neighboring countries)
August 17- bus trip to Amsterdam
August 18- bus trip to Luxembourg
August 19- Brussels sightseeing
August 20-21- Cologne and nearby cities from this place Germany
August 22- home in Bavaria
August 23-27- sightseeing in different towns and cities in Germany

There might be some changes in this schedule but from August 11 to 21, it is already fixed because we already reserved all our plane tickets,train tickets, hotels and bus trips. More updates to come soon. Someone is very excited now!


Anonymous said...

Starring ko dire ah! hekhekhek waaaa 3 days nlng gikulbaan na gyud ko!

Ian said...

Great itinerary trip... Ever been to Russia or Norway?


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