Friday, September 10, 2010

Driving in Rome, Italy

I just wanted to share about an experience that me and my friend had during our trip to Rome, Italy last month. I find it there quite a chaotic place especially the driving on the streets of Rome. We arrived at night in Rome Fiumicino airport that time. After getting our luggage, we tried to find a means of transportation or shuttle going to our hotel. Some taxi drivers are offering very expensive charges. We finally found a shuttle who drove us to our hotel. It only cost 15.00 Euros per person which is quite fair compared to taxis who are charging for up to 100.00 Euros. The driver was always telephoning while driving. It was quite scary because we were on the highway and it was night time. Sometimes the driver is already out on the street marking. As we passed-by at the center of Rome and the traffic light happened to get red, he still continue driving even there were passers-by on the middle of the road. I don't know what kind of car insurance he has that he can do such kind of driving. It was truly very scary. For a driver who has a lot of accidents, finding cheap car insurance rates is quite difficult. I can't imagine how many accidents did that driver had with that kind of driving he has. I am just thankful that we arrived in our hotel safely and most of all we came back home whole and safe. Here is an image I took at the streets of Rome. This was taken some meters away from Colosseum. If you are driving to Rome, be very careful and drive safely always.

an image I took during our visit to Rome, Italy last month.


MissEmy said...

mmm, that sounds scary!! They have made talking on cell phones illegal in the some US states. It is slightly inconvenient, but the other side of the story (what you just dealt with) could be more inconvenient.


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