Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top Four Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

Today, most of the people are intensely aware of their individual environmental responsibilities, even when on a vacation. Three major areas such as travel, accommodation and behavior, in which tourists should effectively reduce any impacts on their surroundings and help the holiday destination to become an Eco-friendly one. As a favorite tourist destination, Europe has also officially declared many sustainable holiday destinations:

1) Scotland

In Europe, Scotland is a fabulous place for tourists and one among the top ten eco-friendly tourist destinations. With wonderful lush greenery giving a stunning picturesque view, unique wildlife, beautiful beaches and a lip smacking Scottish cuisine, Scotland attracts many visitors to enjoy a green vacation. With many visitors coming by train from other parts of the UK and Europe, Scotland’s tourist carbon footprint needn’t be high. Scotland looks best in autumn and offers some of the exceptional leisure options on foot, bike and wild horse; hence, harmful carbon emissions during Scottish holidays are almost a zilch. Scotland gives a choice to even fish for your own dinner.

2) Cornwall

Cornwall is a city in England and an excellent place to enjoy nature. The city has some of the prettiest holiday cottages in wild and desolate coastal regions. Famous for its sustainable and Eco-friendly tourism, Cornwall actively encourages the tourists to use horses, bicycles and walking to travel around. With two coastlines, the city is famous for its longest stretch of seashore in UK with a stunning view. Cornwall has also amazing landscapes in the country side with distinctive characters and gorgeous natural scenic spots. Cornwall hotel and travel pr experts recommend Cornwall’s Eden Project, which is Cornwall’s biggest visitor attraction, welcoming over a million people per year. The Eden Project encompasses programs and campaigns to educate and remind people of our dependence on the natural world.

3) Nice

Nice is a city in the southern France, which is situated on the large bay of French Riviera. Again, it can be reached by ferry or train from other parts of Europe, negating the need for air travel. With a sunny and tropical climate, the city appeals many tourists coming from all corners of Europe and the world. The city has endless stunning beaches, attractive seaside boardwalk, remarkable museums and several ancient landmarks that draw many attentions. There are many eco-friendly boutique hotels, such as the HI Hôtel Eco Spa & Beach, which also offers organic food and vegetarian options. While enjoying an oyster lunch at Cote d'Azur or relaxing on a beach, you still can experience a green vacation in this eco-friendly holiday destination.

4) Bruges

In one corner of Europe, Bruges a mesmerizing splendid medieval city, is one of Belgium's circlet jewels. Burges or Venice of the north is a famous spot for tourism yet keeps the environmental impact in check. The Belgian tourism promotes TGV travel in the city and the fantastic local cuisine among the visitors while helping in keeping the city clean and green. During your vacation in Bruges, you will certainly observe the carefully cherished architectural and artistic treasures in this historic city, which can seem like you’ve gone back in time.



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