Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Europe Travel 2010

Sorry folks, I can't upload images here right now. Good to know, I tried it thrice and I am successful. Uploading images here is possible again. So what's up with my Europe travel 2010? I did had the chance to see and to experience visiting some Europe countries this year. Included in the list are Rome in Italy, Luxembourg, Brussels in Belgium, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Folmava in Czech Republic and some cities in Germany. I would love to attend some Forex training seminars but I will see if I can do it online. If I will be bale to do it this year, I would say that this year is another successful one for me.

Here is an image of one of the canals in Amsterdam. We had a cruise in Amsterdam canals during our visit last August 2010. More updates to come!


scott said...

Nice. Hope you have a nice trip and keep in mind that we r waiting for your update!!!!!

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