Sunday, October 24, 2010

Statue in Nuremberg, Germany

I finally had the chance to give you some updates. Let's begin with an image of the statue in the Old City of Nuremberg. I was trying to search online what is the particular name of this statue but it seems that I can't find its exact name. If you have to look closer to this statue these words in German were written on it, "Zerstören das Leben der Tod Lacht Hohn". There is something like a shield in front of it but I can't clearly read it also. It's time for me to apply my acne scar cream. I am still using one until now. This dark statue seems to depict death. I understand most of these words but I can't exactly put it into correct sentence. Zerstören means to destroy, Leben means lives, Tod means death, Lacht means laugh and Hohn is something like derision or mockery. Probably it means this way, "destroy the death of live laughs scornfully ". I will give you more information about this statue once I visit Nuremberg next time.


aroth said...

Hi Ruby---this is Art again. Thank you for another challenge. This unique fountain is the "Narrenschrffbrunnen" or in English it is the "Ship of Fools". It was patterned after a woodcut done by Albrecht Durer. The basic thinking behind this fountain is-- No matter how beautiful you are nor how much you have accomplished in this life, you can not outrun death. In other words "we are all in the same boat." Some people refer to it as that, the "We Are All in the Same Boat" Fountain. Thanks again for giving this old man something to research. Keep up the good work. I will be watching for other challenges. Thanks, Art

Redruby said...

Hi Art, thanks again for the you have a lot of time to search..truly appreciate it...hope all is great with you and your wife..take care you both!

aroth said...

Ruby---this is Art again. I misspelled the name of this fountain. That 3rd 'r' should not be there, it should be an 'i'. So the correct spelling is
Narrenschiffbrunnen. Sorry for my mistake, I guess I was getting pretty tired when I wrote that comment.


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