Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter in Hohenfels

I know that there are some people who don't like winter time. This is the season of the year when the weather is very very cold. In fact, freezing cold that range below zero temperature. As long as the heater inside our house is working, I still love winter season. It has its own beauty which only nature can explain. I heard some people who get depress during cold gray winter. I guess they don't need to worry because there is an anxiety depression treatment for them. I felt sad to a friend who told me that she gets depress during winter time. She just need to do something which will divert her time to help her about her depression. I am thankful that no matter what season of the year it is, I still manage to do things that makes me happy and forget about depression.

Here is a very romantic scenery from Hohenfels, a municipality in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. This was taken last winter of January 2010.


JSLimos said...

You're very right! Winter has its beauty that only nature can explain. I love it most when the sun comes out after few days of snow. That's a beautiful morning for me! Here in Hohenfels, I feel so blessed to be able to witness the beauty of nature no matter what the season is...Thanks for the wonderful picture!


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