Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things to Do in New York

I guess, I will not be tackling about Europe cities this time but I will be talking about one of the famous cities in the United States.

New York is one of the states of the United States and is considered to be one of the populous state. Everytime I think of New York, it always reminds me of its famous sight, the Statue of Liberty. Once you visit this city, don't forget that there are a lot of activities new york which you will find very interesting.

Here are some things you can do when visiting New York:

-Visiting some of its famous sights like the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Central Park and a lot more.
-New York is also famous for its shopping for everything. You can simply find all the things you wanted to shop in New York.
-Entertainment from Broadways to bars, cinemas, dance clubs, comedy clubs are only few on the list.
-Museums and art galleries are also worth visiting.

This image is a replica of the Statue of Liberty found in Las Vegas, Nevada. I took this image during my U.S. vacation last 2008.



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