Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visit to the Cadbury World Birmingham, England

I remembered my visit with a friend to Cadbury World as I was browsing the images I had during my vacation in England. If you happened to eat any Cadbury products, I know for sure that you know about Cadbury UK. It is a Bristish confectionery company, based in the Bournville suburb of Birmingham.

It was November 2008 when I had the chance to visit this factory. Of course, I bought some chocolates here.

striking a pose in front of Cadbury's sign.

the Cadbury shop that sells chocolates of all kinds, souvenirs and many more.


In 1824, John Cadbury began vending tea, coffee and, later, chocolate at Bull Street in Birmingham and sometimes in India. The company was known as "Cadbury Brothers Limited". After John Cadbury's retirement, his sons, Richard and George, opened a major factory in the purpose-built suburb of Bournville, four miles south of the city.

After World War I, Cadbury Brothers Limited undertook a financial merger with J.S. Fry & Sons Limited. In 1969, it merged with Schweppes to form the international confectionery and beverage company Cadbury Schweppes (now Cadbury plc). In 1989, the company purchased Trebor Bassett, forming the UK confectionery subsidiary "Cadbury Trebor Bassett".

As of August 2004, Cadbury Trebor Bassett had 3,000 members of staff in eight factories in the UK, including Bournville, Sheffield, Marlbrook and Somerdale.

In 2009, Cadbury Trebor Bassett was renamed Cadbury UK and in early 2010 was taken over by American giant Kraft.

A new chain of Cadbury Cocoa House cafes was opened in October 2010, created by four British entrepreneurs and operating under licence. The first branch opened at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, UK. more here


Tina said...

Wow Cadbury is my favorite chocolate.. nice that you posted its history.

Wow, you are well travelled.. nice photos!


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