Thursday, February 10, 2011

Credit Card for Traveling

If you are a frequent traveler, I agree that you need to have a credit card everytime you travel. This is true especially in times of emergency. If you wish to apply for a credit card, you need to comply with some requirements like you salary print-outs, valid ID cards and any papers that a credit card company might ask or require from you. I heard a friend from the United States that you cannot rent a car if you don't have a credit card. They don't accept cash for that. It is quite an irony but it is true.

I was forced to apply for a credit card because I use it during travel emergencies. I need it sometimes when I also book airline tickets online. I seldom use it anyway. Besides, the credit limit is also very low. A three digit credit limit is better for a jobless like me. I was even surprised when my credit card was approved last year without asking for any salary print-outs. I guess that is sometimes the advantage of having a European citizenship.



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