Monday, February 14, 2011

Kirchweihfest in Lengenfeld

Kirchweihfest is a German festival which is a religious celebration. If you have to get the literal meaning of this word, it consist of three words; Kirche (church), weihen ( to devote or to dedicate) and Fest (festival). It simply means church dedication festival.

One of the Kirchweihfest I witnessed was in Lengenfeld, a small town in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. Part of the program was the Festzug or fest parade. Their parade is quite interesting because there were a lot of horses that also participated it. The horses were decorated with beautiful and colorful ornaments. I guess it is called a horse tack like what you see in the image here.

I also love the Kirchweihfest in Lengenfeld because one of hubby's relative is always inviting us for coffee time and I can taste the different delicious German cakes and pastries. I already witnessed this church celebration twice in this small town.



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