Friday, March 4, 2011

Dietfurt's Chinese Fasching 2011

I had witnessed again for the third time, the Chinese Carnival in Dietfurt, a town in Bavaria, Germany. Together with my friends, we experienced the Dietfurt Chinesenfasching (as it is called in German. It was truly a spectacular event. My friends were happy watching it and I believed they will have again another story to tell to their friends when they will go back to the United States.

The Dietfurter Chinese Fasching or Carnival is held annually and it is always celebrated during Thursday. There a name for this day but I can't remember it now. The Chinese Carnival in Dietfurt is a unique carnival because of their Chinese theme. There is a story about this and hope to share it in my Travel and Explore Germany site.

It is time for me to have a short break. I have to browse more about Outer Banks beach rentals when I come back online later. Before I do that, let me share some images taken from the Chinese Carnival in Dietfurt yesterday, March 3, 2011. The highlight of the carnival was the interesting parade they had yesterday.

these little children dressed with Chinese costumes are so cute. I love watching them yesterday.

some floats with colourful decorations also joined the said carnival parade and the one you see here is one from them.



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