Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things Inside My Backpack When I Travel

My travel bag or backpack is very important for me when I travel. I am not a traveler who will just bring a small purse and walk with high heels. Sorry but not my type. I would say, I am always a girl scout when I travel. Are you familiar with the Girl Scout motto? Be prepared, that is it! That is the reason why I always pack important things in my backpack. I always have with me my medicines for fever, headache, dizziness, LBM (loss bowel movement), vomiting and other personal needs. It is difficult to get rid of pimples when you travel because sometimes it is very dusty. Another reason why I also pack with me my acne cream. My backpack also contain a cellphone, extra handy camera aside from my lens camera, paper and pen, address book, a small bottle of water, a collapsible umbrella especially during rainy season, extra SD cards and camera batteries, coin purse and some other things I need.

I guess that's all for tonight guys! More updates in my other blogs.



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