Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fisherman's Bastion in Castle Hill in Budapest, Hungary

I am trying to remember again the trip we had in Budapest, Hungary. It was quite a short trip but it is very nice and interesting. One of the sights we visited and experienced is the Castle Hill. It is located in Buda on the western side of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. Some hours of stay in this sight is not enough but at least I was there and I truly enjoyed our sightseeing.

The Fisherman's Bastion, called in Hungarian as Halászbástya, is a perfect site to have a good view of the Hungarian Parliament. It is a large white tower and lookout terrace complex you see hanging over the side of Castle Hill beneath the Mátyás Church. It was built between 1890-1905, and is named after both the medieval fishmarket once nearby and the Guild of Fishermen who defended this section of the wall during past wars.

It was hot in Budapest during our visit. Good that there are kiosks that sells ice cream in there. It was perfect during that hot summer season. Below is an image during our visit last August 2011.

The Fisherman's Bastion in Castle Hill in Budapest

The mounted statue between the bastion and the church is King Stephan (Istvan in Hungarian) the first king of Hungary (crowned about 1000.) He was declared a saint for his efforts in bringing Christianity to Hungary. He carries the apostolic cross with two crossbars – a symbol granted him by the Pope.



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