Thursday, September 1, 2011

Visit to Baby Hanna in Schierling

This is a special post for today and the story goes this way. I was talking to our neighbor last Wednesday last week. I was telling her that hubby will be a grandpa soon. It was around in the morning that time. At around lunch time, I received a call that someone already gave birth. I was quite happy and excited about the good news. When I mentioned it to hubby as he arrived from work that afternoon, I can see the sunshine in his face. He was so happy because he is finally a Grandpa, so I did!

It is time for me to slowly search for a nice personalized christening gift. Last weekend, I bought some clothes for baby Hanna. We also had the chance to visit them in Schierling, a municipality in the district of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. It is quite a nice place and I believed that it is a good place to raise a child, rather than in big cities like Regensburg. It was a wonderful day seeing one of the big miracles in this world, a new baby was born! Welcome to the world Hanna!

How sweet and beautiful she is in the image here!



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