Friday, October 28, 2011

I want to book a holiday to the Caribbean

If I still have the chance and the finances to travel before the end of 2011, I will for sure do it. And you know where it is? I want to book a holiday to the Caribbean. There are lot of beautiful places to spend a holiday in the Caribbean region. With the all year round good weather in this part of the world, this has been a famous getaway for many tourists from around the globe.

Here are the top places I would love to visit and experience in this region,


This is one of the best bet to spend a holiday especially during winter season in Europe. Barbados is known for its beautiful beaches and numerous deluxe resorts. It has also a lot of historical sites to visit. This so-called "Little Britain of the Caribbean" uses English as its official language. This simply means that travelling to Barbados is easy and convenient due to the fact that English is widely spoken here.

Don't miss the Atlantic Submarine and Segways Tours in Barbados. Surfing and diving are also some of the famous watersports in this area. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, you can go nightclubbing at the beach bars.

Barbados Pictures, Images and Photos
palm trees, water and blue sky... a perfect place to spend a vacation during cold winter days.


I am looking to go to Antigua in my next vacation. Why not? I was dreaming to go to Turkey, Hungary, England, France, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and some other countries and it did slowly come true. Coupled with hardwork and determination, I was able to visit different places in these countries.

Many tourists enjoyed their vacation in Antigua. It is considered to be a beautiful vacation getaway not only because of its peaceful surroundings but also because of its nice beaches and interesting island culture. Feel free to include scuba diving and sailing in your itinerary. Don't miss to visit Nelson's Dockyard as well.

Antigua Pictures, Images and Photos
a beautiful church in Antigua.

I had received a lot of travel packages to Cuba. I cannot book it this year because I already booked other places to visit. I wish to include it in my 2012 travel itinerary.

cuba, varadero Pictures, Images and Photos
a lovely beach in Cuba.

Cuba is the largest and most populous island in the Carribean. With its tropical climate, Cuba has been a major tourist destination in this region. Clubbing, going to the beach, a tour in the countryside, are only some of the activities you can do there. Expect to hear a lot of Carlos Santana music everywhere. If you have the chance, go visit Tropicana. Also taste the different fresh juices in the markets.

One of these days, I know I will step on the beautiful places in the Caribbean.



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