Thursday, November 24, 2011

Open Air Museum in Neusath-Perschen, Germany

The Open Air Museum, known in German as Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria is a museum that offers an insight into a country and farming life of earlier days in Germany.

Visiting this museum requires around 2-3 hours walk depending on how you do your sightseeing. Just like me who loves to take a lot of pictures, it surely took me around three hours. You can find 50 re-erected buildings in the compound. There you can find how people lived, worked and built according to their region and social standing. During your tour, you will be passing “Stiftland Village” through “Waldler Village” to “Millvalley” and on to “Jura Village”,
– from the “four-side-farm” (yard in square-form) via the herdsmen’s cottage to the squire’s estate, from the chapel to the inn.

It was so far a very interesting sightseeing we had in this museum. Here are images I took during our visit last May 2009.

The group of the buildings in the “Naabvalley Village” representing Central Upper Palatinate, where agricultural handcrafts and farm trading are demonstrated, completes the walk
around. Here is also located a Raiffeisenware-house and a blacksmith forge.

in one of the houses at the Open Air Museum in Neusath-Perschen.

I guess this is a sort of a horse-carriage during those times.

The houses were originally occupied by farmers, smallholders, peasants, day labourers, weavers, herdsmen, millers, huntsmen and nobles. The buildings, which could no longer
be kept on their original sites, have been erected in the museum as cultural and historic evidence.



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