Friday, November 18, 2011

Stopping-by in Salzburg Designer Outlet

It was a cold July morning when we stopped at Salzburg Designer Outlet. You might be thinking we went shopping there. Not really! After a long three hours drive from Bavaria, Germany to Salzburg, Austria, we really need to stop. Perfect timing that we saw a Mc Donald restaurant adjacent to this outlet. You know where to go first when nature is calling you. That was my first destination inside Mc Donald. If we had more time to go inside this Designer Outlet, for sure I will also have an empty shopping cart. I also know for sure, this outlet don't also have medical carts. Probably in our next trip to Salzburg, we can stop-by there again.

After taking our breakfast and personal needs in Mcdo, we drove to the city center of Salzburg for some hours sightseeing. And yes, we did saw and experienced a lot. It was so far a nice trip with friends.



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