Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheapest Airlines In The World

As a budget traveller one thing I always try to consider when booking a flight is the price. This is a very important factor in order for me to save money. When possible, I always try to find the cheapest airline tickets to any destination I am planning to visit. Thanks to eDreams Airline Study which gives me the overview of the top 50 cheapest airlines in the world. This kind of study will help me identify which airlines are giving the most affordable flights to any destination anywhere in the globe.

According to eDreams press released last January 31, 2012, among the top airlines that offer the cheapest flights around the world are;
-Vietnamese Jetstar Pacific (BL) is the world’s cheapest airline per mile at €8.55 per 100 miles.
-Second on the list is UK's Monarch at €9.62 per 100 miles.
- Romanian Blue Air (0B) is third on the rank at €10.43 per 100 miles.
-UAE's Air Arabia at €10.71 per 100 miles ranked 4th on the study.
-Czech Airlines ranked the 50th at €19.00 per 100 miles.

How did eDreams arrived on these results? They took pricing data from all their flight bookings in 2011. They summed up the miles flown by their customers on a given airline, before adding up all the individual prices paid for these flights. The money was then divided by the distance to get a price per 100 miles.

If you are a traveller like me, for sure you will always take a look in your pocket and budget everytime you travel. With the inflation that is going on around the globe right now, I believed that you will really consider on trying to find for the cheapest and more affordable airlines and hotels that best fit your budget. You are not alone because I totally agree with you.

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