Friday, March 9, 2012

Top Europe Summer Destinations

I was talking with some friends this week about travelling in Europe. Some are asking me what top cities I can recommend to visit here this coming summer season. I told them that there are a lot of wonderful places and cities to visit and to explore in this continent. One friend was even asking me to help them find some cheap flights to any Europe destination because some of her friends from the United States will be visiting her from May to June this year. I gave her some links of the airlines where I usually book my flights when I go travelling in Europe.

For those who have not decided yet which cities to visit, here are some that I can recommend to you.

Paris- This is only one thing I can say to you. If you are spending a holiday in Europe, put Paris in your number one list. Don't you know that Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world with over 45 millions of visitors every year? Feel free to include yourself in one of these millions.

Never miss to visit the most famous landmarks of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum,Moulin Rouge and many more. These are only some of the most iconic landmarks that made Paris always the top must-see city in Europe and in the world world.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Seine River. I was happy to visit Paris for the second time last summer 2010.

Paris being the "Capital of Fashion" is the favourite shopping destination of many. It is home to the world's finest and most luxurious fashion designers and cosmetics. To name a few are Yves Saint-Laurent, Guerlain, Lancôme, L'Oréal, Clarins, Chanel, Christian Dior, etc. If you love shopping, Paris is the perfect place for you to go!

Madrid- I don't know why I fall in love with this city. I just admired its own charm and beauty. This is also the reason why I am visiting it again this month. This time I will be staying in Spain's capital for 6 long weeks. For sure I can explore more of the city and its surrounding towns and cities.

I had the chance to visit Madrid last December 2011. We only had a day-sightseeing there. Although we saw and experienced a lot, I still feel that some things are missing. I want to go inside its the famous Prado Museum and the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Center. I want to lit a candle in Catedral de la Almudena, explore Palacio Real and its gardens, I want to take pictures of Plaza de Cibeles during the night and many more.

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain during our visit last December 2011.

Don't miss to go to Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Mercado de San Miguel, Plaza de la Villa, Plaza de España because you will see and experience a lot in these areas. The El Retiro Park, Parque del Capricho, Templo de Debod, La Casa de Campo, Royal Botanical Garden are only of the most beautiful parks to visit in Madrid.

London- Some friends are asking me if I can help them find cheap flights to London especially this coming 2012 Olympic Games which will be held in this city. I told them that they should book it earlier to have it cheaper. Due to this event, London will be flocked with visitors and tourists worldwide and most had already their trips booked a year ago. If you are lucky enough, you might still be able to find cheap flights and accommodation to London or nearby places during this time.

The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster, Piccadilly Circus and St Paul's Cathedral are only some of the famous sights not to miss when visiting the capital city of both England and United Kingdom.

the famous neon signage at The Piccadilly Circus in London. I love this place, taken last October 2008.

Rome- The so-called "Eternal City" is also very worthy to visit. I find all the historical architectures in this city very amazing! Rome is one of Europe's most visited city. It is also one of the most influential and beautiful capitals of this continent.

St. Peter's Square and the St. Peter's Basilica with its dome on the left side. I was there last August 2010.

Among its famous sights are the Vatican City with its famous St. Peter's Basilica at St. Peter's Square, The Colosseum, the Castel Sant'Angelo, the Trevi Fountain, Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the Spanish Steps, Piazza della Republica, Piazza Navona and many many more.

Other cities worth to experience when you are in Europe are Brussels, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Zurich, Venice, Milan and many others.


pilgrimchick said...

Great recommendations. Thank you!

Ian | Going Places said...

Athens is my first and ultimate choice to visit if ever I had a chance to see Europe but Paris comes very close in 2nd and Rome, third. But Summer in Paris is not a bad idea. I want to experience the "Fashion Capital of the World" and "City of Love"! I agree, Paris is one of the premier cities in Europe that a traveler must put first on the list when visiting Europe for the first time.

Thanks for sharing these places to see.


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