Friday, April 27, 2012

The Norfolk Broads

The Broads, often referred to as The Norfolk Broads, is a network of rivers and lakes that span across both Norfolk and Suffolk and have been a popular holiday destination for many, many years. The Broads have been protected with similar status to that of National Parks, and are a wonderful place to visit. Until the 1960’s, The Broads were thought to be a natural feature of the landscape. Then it was discovered when it was proved that they were actually caused by the flooding of land that had previously been excavated in mediaeval times. A Norfolk cottage from Web Cottages is a great base for a holiday as it’s easy to visit the Norfolk Broads, as well as nearby towns like Norwich, Kings Lynn and Great Yarmouth.

A wonderful way to spend a day at the Norfolk Broads is onboard a boat. There are many companies that hire boats by the day, half day or hour to give visitors the chance to see the broads from the water. There are lots of different types of boat to take your fancy including motor boats, sailing dinghies and rowing boats, so there is sure to be something for you. It’s a great family day out and children will love learning how to steer and navigate the boat as well as get the chance to see the natural environment of The Broads close up. Enjoy navigating over 200km of waterways across seven rivers and 63 broads. What could be better than leisurely travelling along The Broads and taking in the views?

If you haven’t got your sea legs and would rather stay on dry land, the Broads is a great place for walking and enjoying the scenery. With over 190 miles of trails and towpaths to get to grips with, there will always be a new route to take. Fishing enthusiasts will be in their element too as there are plentiful opportunities to get the catch of the day with lots of free fishing places and angling platforms along the banks of the Broads and you can also fish from a boat. For those who enjoy a little creativity, the Broads is the perfect backdrop for artists. And it is a treat for bird lovers as there are plenty of opportunities to watch the wildlife in its natural habitat; it’s a bird watchers paradise.

With so much to do a holiday to Norfolk really does have something for all the family. Web cottages have a vast choice of holiday properties across the area to help you plan your next trip.

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Norfolk Broads
Norfolk Broads 2


Gelois said...

It must be very nice to walk in those rivers and the places you mention are beautiful.
I love nature.

Maybe someday I can visit those places.

A besiño,


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