Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things I am Thankful Of as A Traveller

Travelling has been my passion ever since. I am glad that I was able to visit some of the cities and countries that I always wish to see.  I am still counting for more.

And yes, there are just a lot of things I am thankful of  when I travel.

Good Health- For sure, you will not enjoy your travel if you are not in a good condition. I am thankful that I always have healthy body and mind everytime I travel.

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain during my second visit.

Cheap Flights and Hotels- Finding cheap flights and accommodations is always the delight of every traveller. Thanks to the advent of internet and computer where we can easily browse and find all the information we need including finding the cheapest flights and hotels. I am always glad when I find cheap ones.

Digital Cameras- I will never go for a vacation or any trip without having my cameras with me. I always love to take travel memories and only the pictures I took from my trips can always bring back memories. It also help in recording my travels. That is why I always have 3 digital cameras with me when I travel.

Cellphones- Would you believe that I also take with me two cellphones when I go for a long trip especially abroad. Sometimes I even take three cellphones in my bag. Since most of my cellphones have camera functions, I can also use it to take pictures when my regular cameras are out of batteries. Most of the time, I use it for emergency calls.

Internet Connection and Computer- Computer is another gadget which I always pack with me when I travel. Thanks to the availability of  internet connection to most of the hotels we stayed in Europe.

I remember my recent trip to Madrid, Spain where Iberia changed my return flight to Germany because of National Labor Strike. It happened last March this year. If I did not check my mails the day before  return flight, I ended up  going to the airport and will just waste time and money for taxi fare.

Safe Travel- This is the most important things of all. I am always thankful that I always return home safe. Thanks God for bringing me whole back home with good health both in body and soul.



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