Saturday, July 7, 2012

Travel Snapshots from SEgovia, Spain

It was quite and adventure when I visited Segovia, a city in Spain located on the north of Madrid.  I travelled to this city alone and I boarded the fast train  of Spain called  AV. It only took over 30 minutes and I was already in Spain.  I would say, it was an adventure travel because there were a lot of experiences I had  when I went there. Besides  it was my first trip to this city and I still don't speak Spanish.  I wish  to share more  about my trip to Segovia in my future post.

For now, just enjoy watching some of the images I took from this city. It was only a day trip and I guess, I only spent almost 4 hours there. At least I was able to see some of  its tier sights.

The Cathedral in Segovia, Spain during our trip last March 2012.
A monument located in front of Alcazar of  Segovia.
View of the surroundings of Segovia from the Alcazar.



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