Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travelling from U.S. To Europe

Most of the time  planning  our trip ahead of time  to  any destinations  around the world  will surely save  us time and  money. We also avoid stress and hassles in searching for cheap flights and accommodation.  Taking for example my friends who were  looking for Cheap flights from Florida to Italy, they had a hard time looking for cheap trips  because they  made their  bookings  too late.   Always remember not all last minute travels are cheap especially going to Europe.

The St. Mark's Basilica in the middle and the Ducal Palace on the right side. This was taken as we toured a friend from the U.S.  last summer 2011.  This was already my third time in Venice, Italy and I always love to visit  this beautiful city.

I  had a friend who toured  Europe last 2010. She already informed me  starting late  2009 that she will be visiting Europe.  I told her that she can avail of cheap travels if she will plan it ahead of time. I helped her in trying to find Cheap flights from New York City to Paris including cheap accommodations. She visited Europe last August 2010  but she bought  her plane ticket in February of the same year.  Imagine that  is almost 6 months advance  of buying her ticket  and she  truly found a cheap flight to Europe.

I accompanied her in her travels during that time.   I also helped her in finding cheap hotels and accommodations, plane tickets from one European city to another and  train tickets as well. We visited  6 countries in Europe including Italy,  France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.  Imagine spending only around 1,500.00 Euros for three weeks in these 6 countries  with everything in it.  We really had some good travel deals during that Europe tour we had last summer 2010.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Seine River that flows in this city. This was taken during  my  second visit in France capital  together  with a friend from the U.S.

This is what I have been telling to some friends who wish to make a tour in Europe, always plan it ahead of time and for sure they can save time, money and effort. If you are travelling from U.S. or any parts  of the globe  to Europe, always remember to  plan everything ahead  of  time.



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