Monday, September 17, 2012

A Night at Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

I am still in Las Vegas! Some more days and I will be backed to Europe.  Touring and sightseeing around can be tiresome sometimes.  This is also the reason why I was not able to update my  blogs from time to time. Las Vegas weather is still very hot but very better compared to my first days here last August.

I  just want to share some images from this city. After some escapades we had that night we proceeded to Fremont Street Experience. This pedestrian mall is one of the most famous  attractions in downtown Las Vegas. We strolled from one end to the other end of this pedestrian mall. On its one end,  a group of live band were still playing. We also entered some casinos for personal needs. I guess you know what I mean.  I remembered one friend who played casino and won some bucks.

There are shops and stores, casinos and restaurants you can find in Fremont Street Experience or FSE. One of the famous sight is the barrel vault canopy which  is 90 ft (27 m) high at the peak and four blocks, or approximately 1,500 ft (460 m), in length.

It was so far a fun-filled evening we had during our visit in this area of Las Vegas.

The famous barrel vault canopy in Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas.



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