Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy To Visit Vilnius, Lithuania

I finally visited the Baltic States! One of the countries we went to  was Lithuania.  One of the cities  we visited in this country is its capital city, Vilnius.  It is the largest city in Lithuania and the second  largest city  in the Baltic States after Riga. And yes, we also visited Riga during that Baltic trip.

I have a lot of  travel stories  to tell  during our trip there but   I am still not having enough energy to share it. I guess I am still having a jetlag. That trip to the Baltic was quite tiresome for me because I just came back from  a month vacation  from  the United States.  I only have two days rest and proceeded to the  Baltic  region which  was  quite tiresome for me.

I am just sharing these photos below which were taken in Vilnius. Sorry folks, I am not done uploading my travel images yet. More to come soon.

Lastly I wouldsay  that despite that tiresome trip, I am very happy and contented to visit  some parts of the Baltic Regions.

The Presidential Palace in Vilnius, Lithuania.
An original cathedral was built here in 1251. In 1387 a Gothic style cathedral was built. Now it is a classical style cathedral build by the project of Laurynas Gucevicius. The most beautiful part of the Cathedral, the baroque chapel of St. Casimir, was built in 1623–1636. The crypt shows a cross section of Vilnius through the ages, well worth seeing.


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