Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Visit to the Hill of Crosses Near Siauliai, Lithuania

Our tour guide instructed us that breakfast will be served at 6:30 am. We had our hotel that time  in the vicinity of  Klaipeda, a city in Lithuania which is situated at the mouth of Dane River, the river that flows to the Baltic Sea. Our bus will be leaving at around   7:45 am going to Riga, the capital city of Latvia.

On our way to Riga, we had a short sightseeing in this famous sight of Lithuania, the so called  Berg der Kreuze as called by  Germans or the Hill of  Crosses.  It is not actually a hill but I guess became a hill of crosses because you can see thousands of crosses, giant crucifixes,  statues of Virgin Mary and thousands of rosaries and tiny effigies  brought by Catholic pilgrims.

I can't understand my feelings as I walked to that  Hill of Crosses.  It is a site of pilgrimage located around 12 km  north of the city of Siauliai in northern Lithuania.

There was a story that  our tour guide had shared to us while we were on our way to the Hill of Crosses. I want to share it in my incoming post. Watch it out. For now, just marvel your eyes with these images I took from Hill of Crosses. It was truly worth a trip.

The Hill of Crosses near Siauliai, Lithuania.  If I am not mistakenly heard our tour guide, there are about a million crosses now in this area. Amazing!
I really marveled the numbers of the crosses, crucifixes, rosaries and other religious Catholic symbols in the Hill of Crosses.


Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

oh wow. this place is really amazing! i wonder how it would look during dusk? i'm pretty sure it would be so dramatic

Guillaume Speurt said...

One of the must see place of Lithuania. Haven't been, and I'm now jalous of you ! :D


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