Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Out of the Country Trip in Cheb

Happy Three Kings and happy new year as well! The first weekend of the new year 2013 is almost over (Europe time). I hope you are having or had a great one. I would say, it was a wonderful one for me.

I already had my first out of the country trip last Thursday in Cheb, Czech Republic. It was not really a sightseeing trip. The ladies just decided to go there for personal purposes. They wanted to have their first personal grooming. We went to a beauty parlor and had some hair cut and styling. Some of my friends also had their nails manicured.

Asian Food in Cheb.

After our beauty regimen, we decided to go to an Asian restaurant. It was almost dinner time when we went there. We immediately ordered some food because we were already hungry. The food tasted good and of course, it was not cooked in a laboratory oven but in a normal stove or oven. We did not paid too much for our first out of the country trip. For four persons, we only paid around 20.00 euros including our drinks for our dinner. It was really cheap and we had fun during that day.

My first out of the country trip was a good one. I am also hoping for more sightseeing trips this year. Crossing my fingers!



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