Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Had Fun With Friends in El Escorial, Spain

I read this saying somewhere this week. It says something like this, "Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you rich". I was struck by it and I believed I never made a mistake when I go traveling. This is one thing that makes me really happy and I have  a passion for it.  I feel  glad and contented everytime I visit a new place. It seems that it is adding days to my life.  Of course,  I  only travel  when time and finances are available. For me, this saying is indeed true! First, you will be rich with the many travel experiences you gather. Second, I find it very interesting to know the life and culture of  people in a certain  place or country.  I am very  thankful of  the many chances  and opportunities  given to me  when talking about travelling.

I guess,  it is time to begin my main topic.  I miss my friends from Spain especially in Madrid. I met good and nice people  there during my three weeks visit last year. One day, I and some of my friends decided to visit El Escorial.  Some of them already  work and live in Madrid for many years but haven't been to El Escorial yet. They were so happy when I mentioned that I want to go to this monastery. Two of my friends went with me there.

Since we already decided to go late in the afternoon  that day, the El Escorial sightseeing tour already ended. The gate going inside the  monastery where you can buy  entrance tickets  was already closed. We ended up  going around on its exterior. Even though, I  did not see its interior, I was still happy when that trip ended.

These are some pictures taken during our trip last   March 2012 to El Escorial.

The Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial,  known for short as The El Escorial.
The Courtyard of the King and the Basilica.
 Here is a bit information about El Escorial:
  • It is a historical residence  of the King of Spain, in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
  • Juan Bautista de Toledo is the architect  in the design of El Escorial.
  • On November 2, 1984, UNESCO declared The Royal Site of San Lorenzo of El Escorial a World Heritage Site.
  • Originally a property of the Hieronymite monks, it is now a monastery of the Order of Saint Augustine.
  •   The Escorial comprises two architectural complexes of great historical and cultural significance: the royal monastery itself and La Granjilla de La Fresneda, a royal hunting lodge and monastic retreat about five kilometres away.



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