Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girls' Night Out in Regensburg

Sometimes we just need to unwind, have fun and enjoy life. I always do it because I believed that life is too short and we have to make the best out of it. This is also the reason why I go out with friends most of the times. I seldom go to the disco, probably three to four times in a year. I do entertain myself by travelling all the time.

Funpark Regensburg. July 2012

One of my favorite place to go is at Funpark in Regensburg. I simply love their disco music. Besides they have three areas where you can choose the kind of music to listen and dance with. They have  great sound systems  and I guess they got their exceptional m-patch 2 at musician's friend. You will truly have fun especially if you like discos  or simply want to be entertained through  music.

Anyway, the last time I visited Funpark with friends was last year. We truly had fun dancing to the disco sounds. I don't really drink that much when I go out. Drinking soda or a glass of wine is enough for me. What I want is simply to have fun with friends. Thinking of going back there anytime soon.

Be sure to enjoy life folks! Yes, I do!



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