Sunday, December 6, 2015

Time to Shop for Christmas Presents

Hello folks! I am back in this part of the blogosphere. How are you doing? I hope everything is running smooth especially that the holiday season is around the corner. I believed some of you are slowly  getting ready for Christmas. As for me, everything is doing good so far. I can't complain for now except that I am so busy with many things.  I hope for everyone as well.

One of the things you can do during Christmas is to visit Christmas markets in Europe. You might find a right presents for your  family and love ones in the many kiosks and stalls in  there. This Christmas market was taken in Innsbruck, Austria.

Anyway, since the holiday season is here I know that some of you are busy shopping for  Christmas presents for your family, loveones, friends or maybe colleagues.  I am just doing window shopping for now especially that I am so far away from home. I already bought some presents for my family which I will be sending thru balikbayan boxes early next year.

Yesterday, I  spoke to a former colleague who loves  to play musical instrument. We wear talking about concerts, music and playing of musical instruments. I was surprised when he mentioned that he can play a banjo. I was thinking that the  best banjo capo would be a perfect gift for him. What do you think folks? I am planning to browse online about this music accessories.

Are you ready for the holiday season? I guess, I am! Have a wonderful celebration  but be safe guys!



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