Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Carols Everywhere in Europe

Happy Holidays! How's your day folks? How's holiday season going on? I hope everything is well with you all! So far, I am grateful because I am having again my normal life. I am already back to work. Thanks God for that. Since Christmas is almost approaching, I always heard songs and caroling over the radio. It makes me miss home more.

I wish I am home right now to experience live caroling especially from children who goes from house to house singing Christmas songs. Many of you might be shopping for Christmas presents at the moment. So far, I am not really into material things now. I keep on praying and wishing for good health and long life to explore and experience more of the beauty of this planet.

If there is only one thing I wish?? That would be a person who knows how to play a guitar like fender. If you want to know what is a fender, my musician friend can explain it to you. Is that okey folks? Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you all a wonderful celebration of the holiday season! Happy New Year 2017 as well!

All the best  and take care folks!



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