Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shopping in Regensburg

Hello folks! How are you doing out there? Hope that life is getting better everyday. So far, I can't complain for now. I am so thankful for the many things and blessings endowed upon me and my family. Truly so grateful about it.  There are just a lot of things to be thankful of!

Anyway, last Friday I took a one  day vacation leave from work because I have a lot of errands to do and some important appointments to attend to. One very important appointment was  in Regensburg. I am so happy that it went well and so thankful for the good news.

After that, I went shopping and wish to search for  Guitar Center, martin d-18  but can't find anything in this city. I decided to go online and finally found what I need. It is a musical instrument  and sometimes shopping it online is better as going to a store. 

I also found some personal items that I need in  Regensburg and bought it immediate since it is a must to use. I am happy with the price and quality of what I bought.

That was quite a hectic day but I survived and I have nothing to ask for after that! Happy weekend in advance!



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