Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vienna, Austria

We have a great time last year in June with a friend from UK named Dae Loloy in Austria. One of the places and city we visited was in Vienna. I love this city and was very much fascinated with its beauty and magnificent historical enchantment. That was really a very great experience. I am hoping to be back there next time!!

I am sharing to you some pictures which were taken last year. I will try to share more next time when time is possible..Thanks to all friends and visitors who visit this blog..

in front of St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna, Austria..lots of people here..
Vienna is really a very amazing and interesting city worth visiting for!!
on top of Albertina, and opera house in Vienna.

in front of the Parliament in Vienna..those running blue lights on the post are really great!!

in front of Albertina, sexy monument at my back!!
I really love is really very nice there!!



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