Sunday, June 15, 2008

Salzburg, Austria

One of the famous and historical city in Austria is Salzburg. I would say, Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities I had been to. It's attraction is a mixture of the flair of the Altstadt which means Old Town, the many magnificent churches and the old burgers (people) residences with their splendid facades.

It is also the grandeur of the buildings of the prince-archbishops, the outstanding fortress and the ever present Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg's favourite son.

Salzburg is such a beautiful city worth visiting for!! hope you enjoy the photos..will share some more next time!! have a great day to all!!

the Pferdeschemme or The Horse Pond built in 1695. The horses from the Archbishops stables were washed here. It was designed by Fischer v. Erlach and the horse frescos were made by the Court painter Franz Anton Ebner.

this yellow house is where the famous composer/musician was born, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

this small street is called Getreidergasse..the famous shopping street in Salzburg!!

this is the St. Peter's Cemetery in Salzburg..
that building on the left side is the Gothic Chapel of St. Margaret built in 1491.

see that Castle, that is the Hohensalzburg Fortress. this is the symbol of the city which is considered to be the largest and most preserved citadel in Europe.
Its construction begun in 1077.
(look at that girl!!! grabee iya dupa uy..)



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