Friday, August 1, 2008

Better Late Than Never!!

This is quite late already but as what the saying goes "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" which I also believed and agree. Besides that I am so busy all the time (blogging, unsa pa..may na lang naa ta palit ginamos ug bulad... ug usahay laag pa jud...mao na naulahi ang pasalamat...sori sis Twinks) . I was surprised again last week as I opened this blog and have it's new design and template. I was so happy to the max again!!.. This is made possible by the time and effort exerted by my friend online Sis Twinks!!! Thanks a million Sis for everything. I know saying thank you is not enough but as of now, that's all what I can say!! I am thankful for having such a good friend like you even just in the net..I know one day, we will see each other..besides it's a small world after all!!! mao na ginaingon Sis Diyos na mubalos nimo...hahaha!!

I also would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all friends I met here online. For your time and effort to always visit me here and leaving messages and comments. I am really happy seeing you here. But I want to apologize for not visiting you asap, as my life is seems so busy (you na blogging ug laag) always. I am sorry for that...Please accept my apology!!!

Please visit the pages of Sis Twinks below for you to see her talents in web designing!! Thanks a a lot!!

have a great and blessed weekend ahead!!!



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