Saturday, August 2, 2008

travel and See The World While Helping People in Need!!

"Lakwatsera" which is called in English "adventurer or traveler", that's how my friends back in the Philippines always called me. I could still remember especially in my College time that I always escaped house work to go with classmates and friends mountain climbing, visit interesting towns nearby, go camping or just simply do some escapades anywhere. I miss those days in my life.

It is always my dream to visit and see interesting countries or places. Slowly by slowly that dream is coming true. If you just have the will and the aspirations, I believed all your dreams will come true. I just got back from my 2 months vacation from Unites States. And yes, I had a great and quality time there!!

Frankfurt, Germany

Just this afternoon as me and my husband had a coffee time, I happened to read this advertisement over the newspaper about special offer vacation. My husband planned to have a 2-weeks vacation leave next month. I told him that we can probably take a trip either to Prague, Paris or Rome. The cities that I targeted to visit this year. I'm happy that my husband agreed with me. see you then dream cities!!

feeding the pigeons in Venice, Italy

Travelling without proper plan is quite stressful. I had tried it last year and I guess I don't want to do it anymore. Before we will make a vacation this time, I will see to it that I make a Hotel Reservation first before we travel. I guess, I found a perfect site for this. Hotels Combined is quite very easy to navigate. Once you visit their site, all you need to do is type in the country or city you wish to visit including the possible dates and Bingo!! they will provide you with all the details of the hotels, compares price for you, type/description of hotels and more!! Sounds very easy and convenient.

What catches my attention, is that I read an article at that Hotels Combined supports organizations like Leukaemia Foundation and World Vision. This is the first time that I read such a travel website that helps people in need. How would you like to travel now and help other people too!!! Save your money and time!!Visit their site now and Enjoy your trip!!!

Disneyland California

Paris Hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada..I was there too!!

in front of Albertina, Vienna Austria



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