Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kaiserslautern, Germany

my birthday pizza ice cream in Kaiserslautern

I had been to this city for some times already. If I'm not mistaken around 3 to 4 times. I could still remember I spent my birthday here last year..Thanks to my friends who gave me a grill party!! Appreciate it!!

I am just sharing some photos now. I just felt so tired today having not so much sleep due to backpains.....I just updated some I guess I can sing off early today and take some sleep...anyway, the date in my camera is wrong..This pix was actually taken last Auguts 04, 2006

the Cathedral in Kaiserslautern

an old building in K-Town

a landmark in Kaiserslatuern

the Kaisersbrunnen (Kings fountain) in K-town

ara siya,,nagpakodak!! in front of the Cathedral

just a little info from Wikipedia about Kaiserslautern..

Kaiserlautern (IPA: [kaɪzɐsˈlaʊtɐn]) is a city in southwest Germany, located in the Bundesland of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) at the edge of the Palatinate forest (Pfälzer Wald). The historic centre dates to the 9th century and is within easy reach of Paris (459 kilometres) and Luxembourg (159 kilometres).

Kaiserslautern is home to 99,469 people. In the city and its surrounding district (Landkreis Kaiserslautern) live an additional approximately 50,000 NATO military personnel members (mainly American), who often call the city K-Town, and contribute approximately $1 billion annually to the Kaiserslautern economy.


twinks said...

kalami sa food na naa sa pic sis oi, makalimtan man pud nato atong diet ana..hehehe

Nice kaayo ang place sis..when pa kaya ko ka adto diha.. hehehe..

Euroangel said...

mao jud..ako way diet2 mao gadako kanunay..hahaha...lagi uy...pasensiya na wa pa ko kadaug lotto...hahaha!!!ayo2 sis...happy to see you here!!


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